Flick HAT - 3D Tracking & Gesture HAT for Raspberry Pi

Flick is a range of add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi, bringing 3D tracking and gesture control in various form factors. These gestures can be associated with specific commands, offering an entire new way of controlling devices.

In this guide, we’ll cover the control of the JustBoom Player using gestures with Flick and REST.


For this project, you will need:

  • One Raspberry Pi with JustBoom pHAT or HAT, and the official JustBoom Player installed
  • One Raspberry Pi with Flick board, and Flick software installed

Both Raspberry Pi should be connected to the same (wireless) network, and will interface via REST.

For more information on setting up the JustBoom Player or getting started with Flick, please refer to following guides:

Remote Control

The JustBoom Player, based on Volumio, can be controlled via its REST API. This API makes it possible for any device to control the player using specific URLs.

The full REST API is documented on the Volumio website.

Using Python, it is possible to combine the Flick library with this REST API, associating gestures with commands such as “play”, “pause”, etc …

REST in Python

Below is an example function of how to tackle REST calls in Python, with some checks for connection issues or unexpected responses:

With the REST calls available in a simple function, it’s a small task to combine it with the existing Flick demo code.

Full Code

Below, is the full code for this project. The inline comments should help you understand the code.

Upload the code to your Pi using scp and give it the necessary permissions:

scp pi@raspberrypi.local:Flick/bin/
sudo chmod +x /home/pi/Flick/bin/

Run the script, you are ready to try it out!



First published at 12:01pm on July 3, 2017
Last updated at 1:13pm on July 3, 2017