Maker Kit & Tools

Have a look here for any tools and consumables you might need to fill out the trays of your solder station at home or work – or start the solder station itself! We’ve got a whole collection of stuff that no maker should be without.

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  • Helping Third Hand

    Adafruit Helping Third Hand Magnifier W/Magnifying Glass Tool – MZ101

  • Adafruit Altoids Gum Sized Tin Open

    Altoids Gum Sized Tin

    $2.97 $1.78
  • Adafruit Altoids Mints Sized Tin

    Altoids Mints Sized Tin

    $4.16 $2.08
  • Duratool 40W Solder Iron

    Duratool 40W Mains Soldering Iron

  • CodeBug Programmable Wearable Computer Board Experimental Kit

  • STS-Pi - Build a Roving Robot

    Pimoroni STS-Pi – Build a Roving Robot

  • Iroda Solder Dispenser

    Iroda I-900 60/40 Solder Dispenser

  • codebug kit

    Codebug Kit With Cable

  • Breadboard Base for Pibow

    Pimoroni Breadboard Base for Pibow

  • Assembled PCB and Parts in Mint Tin

    Adafruit MENTA – Mint Tin Arduino Compatible Kit with Mint Tin

    $29.68 $23.75
  • Adafruit Analog Panel Meter

    Analog Panel Meter – 50uA

    $14.25 $11.28
  • Tenma Digital Solder Station

    Tenma Digital Soldering Station