Self-Assembly Kits

These self assembly kits and bundles will give you everything you need to access a range of exciting projects, ranging from building robots to your own games console. Whether you take these projects on alone or in a group, you are guaranteed a whole heap of fun!

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  • CamJam EduKit 3

    CamJam EduKit 3 – Robotics

  • Picade Assembled


    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Hover on Breadboard (not included)

    Hover Gesture and Touch Development Kit

  • Picade Console Square

    Picade Console

  • The Arduino Starter Kit

    The Arduino Starter Kit

  • Adafruit Cupcade

    Adafruit Cupcade: the Raspberry Pi-Powered Micro Arcade Cabinet Kit – v1.0

    $118.74 $94.99
  • FLORA Budget Pack

    Adafruit FLORA Budget Pack

    $46.31 $33.25
  • Music & Sound Add-on pack

    Adafruit Music & Sound Add-on Pack for Arduino – v1.1

    $41.56 $33.25
  • Tiddlybot Camera Module

    TiddlyBot Camera Mount Kit

  • Tiddlybot - A fun and simple Raspberry Pi robot

    TiddlyBot – Build a Robot Kit and Fun Software

  • Adruino Robot

    Arduino Robot

  • FLORA Sensor Pack

    Adafruit FLORA Sensor Pack

    $94.99 $71.24

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