The BeagleBone offers high-performance and low-power requirements in a small, affordable package. With open hardware and software, this platform puts a variety of Linux flavours at your fingertips, including Android and Ubuntu, and opens up a world of applications with feature-rich “Cape” plug-in boards.

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  • BeagleBone Black Rev C

    Element 14 BeagleBone Black Rev C – 4GB – Pre-installed Debian – Element 14 Version

  • Stacked Proto Cape Kit for Beagle Bone (not included)

    Adafruit Proto Cape Kit for BeagleBone & BeagleBone Black

    $11.88 $9.50
  • PocketBeagle Board

    PocketBeagle Board: The USB-Key-Fob Computer

  • Adafruit BBB Starter Pack

    Adafruit BeagleBone Black Starter Pack

    $91.43 $73.14
  • Adafruit Proto Plate w/Beagle Bone and Half Size Breadboard (not included)

    Adafruit Proto Plate for BeagleBone & BeagleBone Black

    $9.50 $7.60
  • BeagleBone Green Wireless

    BeagleBone Green Wireless Development Board