Self-Solder Kits

Check out our original range of self-solder kits for the hardcore maker! Get your hands on one of these kits to test out your assembly skills and put together some awesome and fun add-ons for your Raspberry Pi. We’ve got kits for easy electronics interfacing, simple power management, LED/IR Camera assembly and more!

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  • Gert VGA 666

    Gert VGA 666 – Hardware VGA for Raspberry Pi

    5 out of 5
  • Pi Supply Switch with USB Cables

    Pi Supply Switch – On/Off Power Switch for Raspberry Pi

    4.85 out of 5
  • bright pi

    Bright Pi – Bright White and IR Camera Light for Raspberry Pi

    4.86 out of 5
  • Fish Dish electronics kit

    Fish Dish Raspberry Pi LED Buzzer Board

    4.78 out of 5
    $12.43 $7.32
  • Pi Crust electronics board for the raspberry pi

    Pi Crust – Easily Connect Electronics to the Raspberry Pi

    $17.96 $10.57
  • Pi Supply Switch - PCB Only with Stickers

    Pi Supply Switch – PCB Only