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The JustBoom Player is an intuitive open source HI-FI digital music player dedicated to the JustBoom Raspberry Pi audio boards but also works with any other I2C board.

Insert the JustBoom Player OS SD Card into your Raspberry Pi, stack a JustBoom HAT on top, and start streaming high definition audio.

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The JustBoom Player OS SD Card is preconfigured with our JustBoom Player software, making it easy for you to start listening to lossless audio right away! Insert the SD Card into your Raspberry Pi / Pi Zero and follow our quick start guide.

Here are some other things you can do with the player…

About the JustBoom Player software

This player is for all of your music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD and much more. Plus, you’ll get UPNP\DLNA, Airplay, Spotify and Web-Radios all in one place with bit-perfect playback and flawless quality. Use it with any browser, with any device: Mac, Pc, Android, iOS or anything with a browser.

We’re Open Source 🙂

Our software is free and open source. For more information, please view our GitHub page. It’s designed for the Raspberry Pi and JustBoom boards, and essentially turns your system into an affordable network streamer!

Connect it to your home stereo system or your JustBoom DAC / Amp / Digi. Then, connect it to your home network and control it just from a browser: PC, Mac, Android or iOS. It can take your music from USB, Network Storage, streaming services like Spotify and act as a DLNA Player or Airplay receiver.

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