Minirig Bluetooth Speaker


Stylish yet minimal in its design, the Minirig Bluetooth Speaker it is able to project sound with incredible volume & clarity. Just simply turn on, connect and you & your friends can enjoy up to 80hrs of playtime wherever you may be. The Minirig well and truly sets a new standard in wireless portable audio.


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Sound First

Designed around a single custom high efficiency 3” driver, the focus of the Minirig Bluetooth Speaker is all about the sound. This large surface area driver is able to really connect with the air to achieve a clear and balanced full-range sound in all directions. With powerful bass, clean midrange and detailed treble, you can enjoy your music exactly as intended.

More Than A Weekend Of Playtime

What’s the point in a portable speaker if it’s stuck in the wall recharging? While others promote “wireless” speakers you have to plug in every day, Minirig takes things to a new level – allowing you to go for days, weeks or even months without having to reach for that charging lead. You can even use it to charge your smartphone, making it the perfect camping companion!

Flexible Connectivity

With the latest Bluetooth technology you can enjoy life without cables yet maintain great audio quality and battery life. It gets even better when you add a second Minirig for truly immersive wireless stereo sound. And for those analog enthusiasts, you can use a cable to output Bluetooth audio, perfect for link-ups

Great British Engineering

Designed AND made in the UK its body is formed around a single machined piece of anodised aluminum. The durable mat textured polycarbonate completes the design, creating a product that’s stylish, tactile and almost indestructible.

Appy Days

The best products are intuitive and simple to use, so with just a single button its the perfect speaker for technophobes. If you want to dig deeper and take your Minirig Bluetooth Speaker further just download the app for easy access to advanced features.

Updates will soon be available for MRBT-2 this will help us improve your Minirigs for years to come ensuring the audio performance and battery level is at its optimum. keep watching this space for the updater app link.

Download app here: Android | iPhone

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